Did you go to Sea Mills School in the 1950’s?

Do you fancy getting in touch with your old classmates?

I was contacted by two lovely gents, Ian and Richard who have been organising get togethers of their classmates who attended Sea Mills School in the 1950’s. 

Contact us if you would like to be put in touch with them.

Ian has sent us a brief history of the group. 


In the long past days of friends reunited you were able to put in your name and school and connect with others you knew on this site. Several of us had passed the 11 plus and attended Ashton Park (a new school at the time so looking for pupils to fill it ) so contact and friendships had continued for an additional four years. A few of us had just made a hello contact but out of the blue came a note from Liz that an article had appeared in the local Keynsham paper that Mr Ellison was still doing well and was a volunteer with the local help to read group for partially sighted.

After a few enquiries Liz managed to obtain contact details which lead to a flurry of communication and the idea to meet up, combined with other events of the junior school redesign and refurbishment

November 2012, several of us with Mr Ellison were able to meet up at Sea Mills school. This was followed a few months later with a lunchtime reunion at the Lamplighters

The next milestone turned out to be  Mr Ellisons 90th birthday and we were all able to take the  opportunity  to celebrate at the Bushmill Near Keynsham.

We would love to collect more information about the school from all times in it’s history for these pages. We will add anything else we get that relates to the 1950’s to this page.

A lesson at the school, featuring: L-R Chris Steven, Rob Kelly, Penny Wiltshire? Ian Robbins, Liz Lewis, ?