A walk around Sea Mills Garden Suburb – Methodist Church

Cross to the other side of The Square (there’s a pedestrian crossing on Shirehampton Road) and go to Sea Mills Methodist Church (3).

Sea Mills Methodist Church

This landmark building provides a focal point for the square and was completed in 1930. It was designed by George Oatley, the architect of, among many other structures, the Wills Memorial Building for theUniversity of Bristol (which you can see from The Northern Slopes on the Knowle West walk) and Bristol Homeopathic Hospital at Cotham (which is referred to in the St Pauls walk). He was actively involved in Bristol’s social housing movement and charitable programmes that aimed to alleviate problems faced by the poor. Eveline Blacker served as Oatley’s apprentice for four years and his assistant for six. By 1919, she had set up an independent architectural practice in Bristol with Harry Heathman and together they designed several housing types for the city’s inter-war estates. 

The Square / Library and Community Centre (directions to next stop)

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