A walk around Sea Mills Garden Suburb – Sea Mills Primary School

From the church, turn into Riverleaze and stop at Sea Mills Primary School (10) (formerly Sea Mills Junior School).

The first block of this school, designed by Alfred Oaten, was opened in 1928; the second in 1931. It uses the same red pennant stone that can be seen at St Edyth’s Church. Until permanent buildings were erected, a repurposed wooden hall that had been moved from a nearby aerodrome had served as both a school and church for the estate. The separate school blocks were used for the infants and the juniors until the site became overcrowded. Once the new school on Hallen Drive – which you saw earlier in the walk – was built, the infants could move out. In 2009, the schools were merged again.

The school in 2010 before it was refurbished

The Pentagon and St Edyths Church / Sea Mills Farm (directions to next stop)

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