Sea Mills & Coombe Dingle podcast launches

We are excited to tell you that Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle now has it’s own Community Podcast. You can listen to the first episode via the player below and it’s also available to download free from the normal podcast platforms – Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, Podbean, Tune In and more – just search for “The Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Community Podcast”

For anyone who has not listened to podcasts before, it’s just like listening to a radio show, except that it’s downloadable and you can listen where and when you like. We have also taken steps to make it available to people locally who are not online.

We hope to make a new episode available every month or so, especially while we are unable to hold face to face events. We will be exploring the heritage of the local area but we will also welcome contributions from listeners on any topic relevant locally – so get thinking.

The first episode features memories of WW2, a look through the Sea Mills School record book from 1931 and what’s happening on Sea Mills Rec?

For anyone in the Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle unable to access the internet we do have other ways of getting the podcast to them. So if you know anyone in that position who you think might enjoy hearing it, get in touch.

You can also subscribe to the podcast via podbean and tune-in, Apple podcasts and Amazon Music. If you have an Alexa device you can also just ask it to play you the Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle community podcast.

The second episode will be available soon.

Featured image Malte Wingen

The Museum is back!

Sea Mills museum opens with a new exhibition “Coronavirus Stinks.”

The museum has reopened at last

The museum opened again, finally after four months of being closed due to the corona virus. We are asking visitors to bring hand sanitiser with them and use it before and after touching anything. This is the same approach that is being taken in the children’s play area opposite.

Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 9-5pm and Saturday 9-4.30pm. The Cafe on the Square is also open those days 10-3pm and the toilet there is also open.

The exhibition Coronavirus Stinks is made up of the thoughts and feelings of children and young people told in works and pictures, some of them are very moving and they are all important.

Children and young people are still welcome to contribute postcard sized pieces of writing or artwork to the Coronavirus Stinks exhibition, submissions should be posted through the door at 28 St Edyth’s Road. There a postcard templates available in the museum or to download, or just use a similar sized bit of paper or card, or submit digitally.

Freebies at the museum: postcard templates, Homes for Heroes walk books and comics

Even as lockdown has eased we are keen to collect children and young people’s feelings about coronavirus. In some ways they have been the most affected, with many not having attended school for months, exams cancelled and first job prospects made a lot more challenging. We will keep all the cards at the end and offer them to Bristol Archives as a record of our time. Sharing feelings and being listened to is also good for mental health. There’s more about this is our press release about the project.

One of the postcards in the exhibition showing how children have been affected by lockdown

We aim to fill the available space in the phone box and also add postcards to some of the noticeboards around Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle. There are already a few in the noticeboard opposite the phone box between Elexis and Collistear Beauty.

It’s possible to see all the postcards from the outside of the phone box so it’s very easy to go along and have a look whether we are open or not. We hope that you get something out of reading the opinions of children and young people. Please encourage those you know to go and have a look and the young people you know to contribute.

You can also read more about the exhibition at the Bristol 24/7 website