Remembrance Sunday display at the museum

You have until the end of this month to see our Remembrance display at the museum.

On Remembrance Sunday around 40 local people gathered at the museum to hear the last post and to remember all those affected by war.

WW2 veteran Stan Tozer who has lived in Sea Mills for more than 90 years gave the Exhortation:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. We will remember them.

Several people then spoke to remember relatives and also people they had found in their research during the Sea Mills 100 project, this including remembrances of an 18 year old who was one of the first people to be born in Sea Mills who died on a convoy ship during WW2, an American solider billeted in Failand Crescent and a Jewish family who escaped the nazis and found safety in Sylvan Way.

The Remembrances will be on display in the museum until the end of November. After that we will upload them here for everyone to see.

Is this you?

As we go through the project we are collecting lots of old photographs. Some come with names and dates but others don’t. We will post some of them here, let us know if you recognise a friend, relative or even yourself – or if you can help us date a photograph.

Photograph 1. Sea Mills School 1932

view close up versions

Phone boxes

phone box and oak

The current red phone box in Sea Mills Square no longer has a phone inside and has been adopted by Sea Mills Community Initiatives. As part of the Sea Mills 100 heritage project it will be converted into a mini museum which will open in June 2019 and stay for a year. If you would like to help please get in touch.

The current phone box is a K6 designed by Gilbert Scott and introduced in 1936 to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V

Previously there was another phone box on this site. It has features similar to a K1 Mark 235 or  K1 Mrk 236, which was made of concrete, they were first used in 1922 which would be right for the origins of the estate.

Photo: Vaughan postcard  know your place

There was also another phone box at one time at the other end of St Edyths Road by the Pentagon which looks more like the later K6. Does anyone remember that?

Photo: Postcard, collection of Mary Milton

Incidentally. Do we think this is the Addison Oak? Or is that further back?

UPDATE: We can be sure now that the tree in the black and white photo above is definitely not the oak. You can see both trees in the later photo below.

Post boxes

A lot of the street furniture in Sea Mills dates back to the origins of the estate. It turns out some of it is pretty unusual too. Most pilar boxes have the initials of the reigning monarch on them which also helps to date them. Indeed most of the pillar boxes on the estate, like this one on the corner of East Parade include George V’s initials 1910 – 1936.

As the estate started to be built in 1919 is what you would expect.

However the pillar box on the Pentagon has no initials and was made by a company in Scotland. What is the story behind this one?

According to this is a 1950’s pillar box made for use in Scotland.

“In Scotland there were protests when the first boxes made in the reign of Elizabeth II were produced. These bore the cypher “E II R” but there were objections because Queen Elizabeth is the first Queen of Scotland and of the United Kingdom to bear that name, Elizabeth I having been Queen of England only. After several E II R pillar boxes were blown up by improvised explosive devices, the General Post Office (as it was at that time) replaced them with ones which only bore the Crown of Scotland and no royal cypher.”

How did this post box, which also features the crown of Scotland come to be on a corner in Sea Mills?

UPDATE: A couple of long standing local residents remember the post box being vandalised about twenty years ago and replaced. This seems a likely explanation for why it’s different to the others on the estate. Perhaps Royal Mail just had this Scottish one spare to re-use?

History of Sea Mills

Sea Mills was built as a designed garden suburb on land gifted and sold by the Kingsweston estate, to meet the housing crisis following the First World War. Many of those first inhabitants were soldiers and their families returning from the horror of war and escaping poor, overcrowded housing no longer fit for purpose in other parts of the city.

Competition to live here among those first residents was high. Sea Mills’ design of cottage style architecture fitting neatly within the landscape, with focal points, allotments, tennis court, recreation ground, uniform plot sizes, front hedges, tree line streets and views to the landscape beyond has won praise over the century with John Betjeman calling it ‘that magic estate’ in 1937.

In the eighties it became one of the first council estates in the country to become a conservation area which was later extended following the successful ‘Save Sea Mills Garden Suburb’ Campaign.

Shops on the Square

Occupant information from Kellys Directory 1928-1970*

St Edyths Road (the first residents moved in during 1924, no shops until 1928)

37 (Collistear hairdressers)
1928 Hallett and Sons, grocers
Still listed in 1970

Sam and Daisy Hallett with their son Peter in 1921.

38 (currently Elexis – builders office)
1928 Rt Houghton, Shopkeeper
1930 Rt Houghton, Ironmonger
1936 Sidney William Draper, Ironmonger
1970 P Draper, Ironmonger
1978 -2001 Sea Mills Hardware (Mr and Mrs Henegan)***
?-2018  A. Nightingale

WWII: in 1939 the following people were listed as resident at this address:
Sidney W Draper – born 22 Mar 1912 – Ironmonger and Hardware (married) AFS no 1771 ** part time
Phillis M Draper – born 28 Apr 1913 – unpaid domestic duties (married)

Sea Mills Hardware sign briefly visible in Apr 2018 as Nightingales vacated and use was changed to office. (Pic Sea Mills 100)

Shirehampton Road

125 (currently Sea Mills convenience store, recently AJ’s)
1928 James Robinson, dairyman
1930 James Robinson, dairyman
Rd Burges MRVS eng LRCP lond Physcn and surgn
1931 Fras George Ford, dairyman
1933 Herbert D  Putt, dairyman
1936 Lewis Raymond Eddy, dairyman
1970 V G Foodstores
At some point becomes one shop with 125 then AJ’s
2018 Sea Mills Convenience Store

WWII: in 1939 the following people were listed as resident at this address:
Lewis R Eddy – born 23 Feb 1907 Dairyman and Grocer (married)
Marjorie Eddy – born 27 Mar 1911 – Unpaid domestic duties (married)
Brian T Eddy – born 5 Jan 1938 – Under School age
Amelia Rodman – born 8 Sep 1879 – Unpaid Domestic duties (window)
Arthur J Eddy – born 11 Nov 1879 – Railway Inspector (married)
Cora J Eddy – born 11 Feb 1884 – Unpaid Domestic duties (married)
Bessie P Tonkin (sp?) – born 27 Jan 1863 – Unpaid Domestic duties (single)

127 (currently Sea Mills convenience store, recently AJ’s)
1928 William Henry Morgan, Butcher
1944 Harry Daniel Downham
1956 Harry Daniel Downham, Butcher
1966 T. M Fox, Butcher
1970 A C Brooker, Butcher
At some point becomes one shop with 125 then AJ’s
2018 Sea Mills Convenience Store

WWII: in 1939 the following people were listed as resident at this address:
William H Morgan – born 25 Apr 1889 – Butcher, shop keeper (married)
Selina A Morgan – born 21 June 1891 – unpaid domestic duties (married)

135 (now a house)

1928 William Ernest Haines, Dentist
1934 John Wells LDS Leeds HDD RCS Edin Dental Surgeon
1936 John Saunders (private house?)
1940 Percival Wilfred S Lewis
1958 Mrs M Lewis
1966 Ronald J S Lewis

WWII: in 1939 the following people were listed as resident at this address:
Percy W Lewis – born 19 Jan 1891- Commercial Traveller – wholesale tobacco (married)
Mabel M Lewis – born 10 Nov 1894 – unpaid domestic duties (married)
Kenneth Lewis – born 1 Apr 1918 – Chef (married)
plus two redacted entries

137 (currently Collistear Beauty)

1928 Sea Mills Post Office and Money Order Office – David Thomas Evans, postmaster & David Thomas Evans, Draper
1931 David Thomas Evans, Draper
1937 J & E Welch, Drapers
1966 Mostyn, Drapers

WWII: in 1939 the following people were listed as resident at this address:
John E Welch – born 26 Apr 1905 – Grocers Assistant  (married) AFS no 1784 **
Elsie M Welch – born 6 Nov 1898 – General Shop, draper (married)

139 (currently Nailbar)

1928 William Frederick Gill MPS. Chemist
1966 St Edyths Pharmacy Ltd

WWII: in 1939 the following people were listed as resident at this address:
George Norman Warrinner- born 26 Aug 1889 – Petroleum Board Oil Installation Clerk. Bristol Auxiliary Fire Service (married)
Phyllis G Warriner – born 1 Aug 1912 – Unpaid Domestic Duties (married)

149 (now flats)
1928 Albert Henry Windows, greengrocer
1933 Mrs Mary Windows, greengrocer
1940 Leonard George Searchfield, greengrocer
1958 Searchfield and Daughters, greengrocer

WWII: in 1939 the following people were listed as resident at this address:
Leonard G.W Searchfield – born 29 Nov 1894 – Florist, Fruiterer, Greengrocer (married)
Irene Searchfield – born 17 Dec 1889 – unpaid domestic duties – Red Cross Voluntary Canteen (married)
Suzanne J Searchfield – born 16 July 1926 – at school
plus 4 redacted entries.

151 (now flats)
1928 Mrs Alice Mitchell , shopkeeper
1930 George Stenlake Mundy MB CH.B physcn and surgeon
1931 Mrs Alice G Mitchell , greengrocer
1933 George Webb, pork butcher
1936 G H Webb and Co, provision merchants
1966 No listing
1970 G C Brittan, grocer

WWII: in 1939 the following people were listed as resident at this address:
Oswald J Long – born 31 Jul 1890 – Electric Tram Driver (incapacitated) (married)
Muriel E Long – born 4 Sept – shop assistant, provisions (married)

158 (now McColls / postoffice)
1928 Peter Daudistel, hairdresser
1931 Mrs G M Jewell, hairdresser
1934 Harold Fas Destouni, hairdresser
1936/7 Wilfred C Bolwell, ladies and gents hairdresser (listed as 156 no listing for 158)
1938 as above but now listed as no 158

Old shopfront of 158 briefly revealed in March 2018 when renovations were in progress (Pic Sea Mills 100)

160 (now McColls / postoffice)
1928 Mrs Margaret Destouni, tobacconist
1931 Basil Destouni, tobacconist
1934 Stanley Wood, newsagent
1937 Stanley Wood, newsagent & Sea Mills Town Sub-post and Money Order and Telephone Call office.
1966 N.H and B.M Price, newsagent and Sea Mills Town Sub-Post and Money Order Office

136 (now a house)
1934 Rd Burges MRCS eng LRCP lond Physcn and surgn attends daily 10.30-11am and 6-7pm except Saturday
1944 James William Coles

132 (now a house)
1928 No one listed
1930 Frederick E Sprackling
1931 Frederick E Sprackling, bootmaker
1950 Sprackling F E and Son, boot and shoe makers
1956 William L England, boot and shoe repair
1966 Parsons R.T do-it-yourself supplies

130 (now Yelling Yin’s takeaway)
1928 Thomas Herbert Deacon, house furnisher
1931  Thomas Herbert Deacon, house furnisher &
Sea Mills Post MO & T Office. Mrs N L Deakin Sub Postmistress
1934 Thomas Herbert Deacon, house furnisher
1936 Percival Wilfred Berry, Fishmonger
1966 L Linsley, Fishmonger
At some point after 1970 this began a Fish and Chip shop

* Directory information was available from the years 1928, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1940, 1944, 1947, 1950, 1953, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1966, 1968/9, 1970 so exact change over dates for businesses may not be accurate. Additions and corrections welcome!

** AFS – Auxiliary Fire Service
*** Info from shop owner