5G mast on Sea Mills Square goes to appeal

Please say NO to the mast in this location

Last year, Bristol City Council planners rejected plans for an 18 metre 5G mast and large cabinets on Sea Mills Square. This decision is now going to appeal with the Planning Inspectorate. Those who have commented on the planning proposal previously will have their comments sent on to the Planning Inspector. 

We would also urge people to write again or write for the first time to respond to the mobile operator’s appeal and to show the Planning Inspector that there continue to be strong feelings about the position of this mast. 

Whilst we recognise the need for 5G in the area and welcome more coverage, we are against the siting of this particular mast, which will be approximately 3 metres taller than the Addison Oak (approximately 15 metres tall to the top of the crown).

This mast particularly concerns Sea Mills 100 because of the damage it will do to the appearance of the Square. Also it’s proximity to Addison’s Oak and our phone box museum.

Comments must be received by 21 February 2022, Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Together have prepared this simple downloadable guide to help you make your comment and the kind of things you could say. There’s no need to write a long response, a paragraph or two is plenty. All the contact details and links you need are also in the guide.

Window Wanderland 2022

Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle is participating in Window Wanderland twice this year! The event sees participating local residents decorate their windows, light them up and register them on a trail map for other to come and see.

This year there are two events locals can participate in. Conveniently they are one week apart so it’s easy to leave your display up and use it for both. It’s free to take part, just register at the links below:

The Four Villages – 25-26th February 2022 – Sea Mills & Coombe Dingle, Shirehampton, Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston

BS9 – 4-7th March 2022 – BS9 area

For the Four Villages event Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle we still need to raise funds for our share of the registration fee, please help if you can by donating a small amount.

Image: Four Villages Window Wanderland