Threat of 5G mast returns to Sea Mills Square (Sep 2022)

A planning application has again been submitted for a 15 metre 5G mast on Sea Mills Square, just months after a very similar proposal was declined by the Planning Inspector on appeal.

In 2021, Bristol City Council planners rejected plans for a 5G mast and large cabinets on Sea Mills Square. The decision went to appeal with the Planning Inspectorate in Feb 2022 where the mast was also rejected.

CK Hutchinson Networks UK Limited have now submitted another very similar planning application for the square. This is for a 15-metre mast, it’s the same height as the one ultimately rejected by the planning inspector (even though Hutchinson claim it is shorter), but it is slightly slimmer.

Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Together will be objecting to the proposed siting of the 5G mast on Sea Mills Square because of the effect it will have on the character and appearance of the area. Whilst we recognise the need for 5G in the area and welcome more coverage, we are against the siting of this particular mast, which will be approximately the same height as the Addison Oak (approximately 15 metres tall to the top of the crown).

Last time, hundreds of people objected to the proposed mast, which helped to get the idea rejected. To object this time, comments should be received by 17 October 2022, but if you are reading this after the date it’s still worth following the link to see if comments are still open. We have prepared this simple downloadable guide to help you make your comment and the kind of things you could say. There’s no need to write a long response, a paragraph or two is plenty. 

Comment on the application here
or you can email:
or write to: Development Management, City Hall, Bristol City Council, PO Box 3399, Bristol, BS1 9NE

For further information, you can also read the previous rejection reports by Bristol City Council and the Planning Inspector (if the links are not working you can find these by searching on the Bristol City Council Planning website for the previous planning application 21/02990/Y )

Can you knit?

knitted poppies

We are looking for knitters who would like to make poppies to be part of a display in the phone box museum for Remembrance Day. You are welcome to use either of the patterns below, or use your own.

Completed poppies should be sent to 28 St Edyths Road, Bristol BS9 2ES and we will be delighted to include them in our display. We have at least one champion knitter in Sea Mills, so let’s hope we can find some more!

Judy McIntosh with her post box topper