Hallen Drive school remembered

The museum, aka the phone box on Sea Mills Square has a new display to remember the old Infants School at Hallen Drive. It includes pictures of the school taken just before its demolition this year and pictures of the demolition itself. There are also some old images of the school in the 1950’s

We’d love to include more pictures of the school still in use, you can send them to us via info@seamills100.co.uk

The phone box is currently closed, but all the display can be viewed from the outside.

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  1. I attended Hallen Drive Infants School from from 1960 – 1962 ?. Mrs Workman was my 1st year teacher. She was lovely and so kind. I remember she would draw a picture on our “drawer” to make it easier to identify as we didn’t read at that age. It was something relevant to your name. She drew a giraffe for my name, (as she obviously couldn’t draw a peacock) I always found that puzzling!
    I was in the same class as Neil England, Brian and Janice Wren, Valerie Giles, Mary Watson Dawn Davies and Kim Havens (who sadly died) to name a few. I also remember when the lower end of the playing field was sold off for the sheltered accommodation elderly flats site on Compton Road (?) . They kept chickens in this area.
    During morning “service” the head mistress at the time would have the whole school walk around the school grounds, in a procession, singing hymns and songs.

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