Sea Mills & Coombe Dingle podcast launches

We are excited to tell you that Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle now has it’s own Community Podcast. You can listen to the first episode via the player below and it’s also available to download free from the normal podcast platforms – Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, Podbean, Tune In and more – just search for “The Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Community Podcast”

For anyone who has not listened to podcasts before, it’s just like listening to a radio show, except that it’s downloadable and you can listen where and when you like. We have also taken steps to make it available to people locally who are not online.

We hope to make a new episode available every month or so, especially while we are unable to hold face to face events. We will be exploring the heritage of the local area but we will also welcome contributions from listeners on any topic relevant locally – so get thinking.

The first episode features memories of WW2, a look through the Sea Mills School record book from 1931 and what’s happening on Sea Mills Rec?

For anyone in the Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle unable to access the internet we do have other ways of getting the podcast to them. So if you know anyone in that position who you think might enjoy hearing it, get in touch.

You can also subscribe to the podcast via podbean and tune-in, Apple podcasts and Amazon Music. If you have an Alexa device you can also just ask it to play you the Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle community podcast.

The second episode will be available soon.

Featured image Malte Wingen

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