18 metre mobile phone mast proposed for Sea Mills Square

UPDATE: This particular mast proposal has been REJECTED, the developer has the right to appeal. More information (30 Jul 2021)

You may have heard that a 5G ‘pole’ has been proposed for Sea Mills Square, if you live on the Square you may even have had a letter about it and wondered what it means.

To see what it would look like, look at this picture of a mast which was placed recently in a residential area in Southampton.

The mast, would be 18 metres tall, bigger that the Addison oak tree and much taller than the houses on the Square, it will also have three cabinets next to it on the pavement. It would be placed on the Square on the opposite side of the road from the Cafe, between the Oak tree and the outward bound bus stop. It will be within a few yards of our mini-museum under the historic 100 year old oak.

NOTE: On 29th June 2021 new plans were submitted which lowered the height of the mast to 15 metres, we do not believe that this makes any difference to the way the mast will affect the look of the Square, it will still be grossly out of keeping with the Square and the conservation area.

The mast is proposed to provide 5G fast broadband for the Three mobile network.

The mast, if built would tower above the Square, out of all proportion with the low rise buildings and will be visible over a large area. It is not in keeping or appropriate for the focal point green space of a conservation area.

Sea Mills 100 and other community groups and volunteers have put much effort into improving and maintaining the Square as a place for people to come and meet and enjoy being outside, a mast here would detract from this experience and change the Square forever. Sea Mills is a conservation area which means that the way it looks is special and it should be protected from inappropriate changes like this one.

What can we do?

The most important thing you can do is comment on the proposal here, this will be seen by the planners and it the most direct way of telling them what we think. The deadline to comment is 2nd July 2021 and the only grounds for rejection that will be accepted are those relating to the location and the appearance of the mast. Any on health grounds will be ignored.

You can write to the local councillors John Goulandris and Henry Michallatt.

You can also spread the word about the mast, ask people to comment on the application and sign the petition.

You can also sign a petition against the mast.

The petition has now closed

Other ways to comment on the application

You can also comment by email development.management@bristol.gov.uk

Or write to: Development Management, City Hall, Bristol City Council, PO Box 3399, Bristol, BS1 9NE

This reference number for the application is: 21/02990/Y

Other links

Feature in Bristol 24/7 about the mast: If this 5G mast goes up in Sea Mills I’ll be devastated

Newspaper article about a mast in Southampton: Residents slam new mast as eyesore

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  1. Hi. I’m helping to lead a campaign to stop a ‘temporary’ 24m 5g mast (and 14m x 8m x 2.5m high concrete walled compound) being erected in the middle of our local Redcatch Park. We would like to link up with the people who led on the Sea Mills campaign, hoping we can gain from your experience and have strength in numbers. Looking forward to being in touch

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