“Coronavirus Stinks” exhibition – now online

Last year we displayed at the museum a series of postcards written for us by children telling us about their experience during the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. The exhibition was in place between August and October. It will now be offered to Bristol Archives to be part of their record of the pandemic. Click on the pictures below to to see some of the cards we received.

The museum currently has on display a series of cards we received from a kindergarten in Brisbane, Australia which arrived too late to be included in the first display.

The exhibition was also featured on the Bristol 247 website


Postcards from lockdown – hearing the voices of young people

Today we are launching a new project, please share and spread the word.

Are the voices of children and young people being heard in the current crisis? We aren’t sure, but we would love to hear what children and young people think and also how you are feeling.

Be part of history and maybe even change it by helping older people understand your feelings.

Send us a postcard with your thoughts and feelings during the current situation. Tell older people what YOU think. We will be displaying these around Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle for people to read, in the Sea Mills phone box museum, on community noticeboards and anywhere else we can get access too. We will also include them on the website and make sure they are kept as a record of young people’s thoughts, feelings and ideas at this time.

Download our templates below or just use a piece of paper or card about 14cm x 10cm (that’s 5.5 inches x 4 inches) instead. You can also use a drawing program on a computer or tablet and there’s a template for that too.

Templates to print out:

Template for digital use:

Save the image above for use on computers and tablets

Please send your postcard to 28 St Edyth’s Road, Sea Mills, Bristol BS9 2ES, UK or email it to info@seamills100.co.uk we are really looking forward to seeing them. You can also get your postcards to us by sharing them on Instagram or Twitter, tagging @SeaMills100 and using the hashtag #LockdownPostcard

If you want to send an physical postcard without visiting a post office you can print postage at home via https://send.royalmail.com/ or design a postcard using a service like https://www.moonpig.com/

Postcards from lockdown is a joint project between Sea Mills 100 & Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Together and is open to all young people, wherever you live in the world. Be honest and be as creative as you like. You can sign you postcard, you can say how old you are or where you are from, or you can be anonymous. It’s up to you.

Listen to Georgina Taylor, Child Psychotherapist and Clinical Manager at the Bridge Foundation, Bristol talk to the Real Women on BCFM 93.2 about the difficulties facing children and parents as lockdown eases and the benefits of our lockdown postcard project.

Press release and more information about the project.

Credits: Clip art from http://clipart-library.com/clipart/2024641.htm
& Crayon Doodle Happy Kids Drawing (PNG Transparent)